Thursday, March 22, 2012

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CT E-Cigarette Store

E-Cigarettes-Hooka-Cigars-Vapors& Supplies!

(Must be 18 years old to buy these products)

We do stock Spare-Replacement parts etc.!

Most Brands' Disposable-Starter Kits. Refill etc are in stock!

BN Express, eGO, Imperial, Tsunami, Xhale E-Cigt-Hooka Starter Kit with a Carrying Case in many colors!

Generally we carry many different brands - please check at the store for current stocks!

Skinny Slim E-Cigarette
Very Stylish and Elegant Look easy to Carry E-Pen in many attractive Colors with USB Charger!

Best Slim E-Cigarette

The Buck Naked™ Escape is a refillable e-cigarette that comes complete with 1 battery, 1 tank, and 1 USB charger. The refill tank holds 1.3 ml of e-liquid and will last for up to 400 puffs on a full charge. 
The tank is easy to refill by unscrewing the mouthpiece and using a needle-tip bottle.
Battery charge time is 1-2 hours. Each starter kit comes in individual blister packaging.

New! Buck Naked Flavor-Starter Kits-Replacement Parts Display!

MistFix E- Vapors and E-Liquid

CT Vapor Store

Cigirex - E- Cigarettes

Swisher Sweet's E- Cigar

Blu Disposable and Starter Kits

Logic - Disposable and Starter Kit+Cartridges
Most Popular in our area!

Easy to Carry Small Case with Soft Tip - Real Feel!

E-Z Cig 


Buck Naked
E-Liquid in many Flavors, Size & Strength with or without Nicotine!
Brookfiled E-Liquid, E-Juice Store 

E-Liquid (optional) long Needle Tip Bottle

BN E-Cigt-Hooka Spare Mouthpiece

BN E-Cig-Hooka USB Charger
We do have wall electric adopter for USB chargers!

E-Cigt. - Hooka Replacement E- Liquid Tanks

Variety of Tanks in Stock

Double Tank

This Buck Naked Replacement Tank is Fitting with Nivi Novo Electronic Cigarette/Vaporizer-also this tank is fitting with many other standard 510 Electronic Batteries of Vapor devices! 

Greater Danbury E-Cigarette Store

We also carry slim size E-Cigt, E- Hooka and
E-vape etc!

Please visit our Store for more details 
and available brands/Current stocks etc.



  1. The tank is easy to refill by unscrewing the mouthpiece and using a needle-tip bottle.
    Battery charge time is 1-2 hours. Each starter kit comes in individual blister packaging.

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